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Who owns the land the georgia guidestones are on

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2022. 4. 12. · History of Georgia Guidestones. In 1979, a man called Robert C. Christian approached granite cutting company Elberton Granite Finishing located in Elberton, Georgia, US. Elberton is known as the ‘Granite Capital of the World’, so Christian asked that the blocks of granite be cut on a scale that was larger than anything the county had seen. 2021. 9. 20. · What I think is that Georgia Guidestones are Antichrist’s 10 Commandments. The man who had the Guidestones built was exposed in the movie Dark Clouds Over Elberton. It is no longer a mystery if you have thought about everything they’ve represented with your own mind. The man who funded them left $400,000 to the Roman Catholic Church in his.

The following is posted on ExploreGeorgia.org: "The Georgia Guidestones, Elberton's most unusual set of granite monoliths, poses a mystery for the numerous visitors who visit the site seven miles north of Elberton on Georgia Highway 77.Known as America's Stonehenge, this 19-foot high monument displays a 10-part message espousing the conservation of mankind and future generations in 12 languages.

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The stones were on government property. So the local DA considers the Georgia Guidestones to be public property. Does that mean they were intentionally put up by them? Video shows someone going over to the stones and leaving something. But like bigfoot everything is always blurry. In fact the top torso of the person is in the dark.

10:07 a.m. update: Hartwell Highway is being closed near the Guidestones and traffic is being rerouted. 8:12 a.m. update: The Elbert County Sheriff's Office has asked motorists driving on Hartwell Highway to please not stop in or on the side of the road as it increases traffic congestion in the area.

The Georgia Guidestones are a set of five granite slabs set under a capstone. The monument stands over nineteen feet tall. The stones were placed in 1980 in Elbert County, Georgia, though their true purpose and meaning remain elusive. ... I really don't know where I land on this one. I don't know who the group that commissioned the piece.

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